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May 24 2020 4:21PM
it's me
April Braly
Mar 28 2014 5:37PM
Your photos capture the beauty and joy in the world that is so often missed by those of us that are still too consumed with our inner turmoils to take a moment and appreciate the wonder of life.
Debi pavlik
Sep 25 2012 9:18PM
LOVE the Hawaii pics, Bill. Amazing color!
Lee Park
Feb 27 2012 11:32AM
Just what I'd expect - beautiful,well-crafted work!
Don Kohlmann
Dec 23 2011 11:12PM
Bill, Absolutely beautiful work. It's inspiring and I look forward to seeing more of it.
Karen Moore
Nov 2 2011 4:36PM
Enjoyed browsing through your beautiful photos. It makes me feel like putting my feet up and sipping a cup of tea. Thanks.
Debi Pavlik
Oct 19 2011 10:05AM
Bill, your work is absolutely breathtaking!
Herr Horn
Sep 25 2011 4:30PM
Ich errinere mich an die Bilder und Zeiten. Wir werden mal sehen ob diesmal meine "comments" durchkommen..